Pre Soma – kharma våren 2003

Kharma våren 2003, sändes söndagar 21-22. Nedan bjuder jag på spellistor från den tiden och en del länkar till artister, låtar, videos och annat. Är ledsen om jag inte är konsekvent i länkarna, men flera av låtarna fanns inte på nätet och det var väl många låtar att ladda upp. Vidare sorry för att datum saknas, hur som helst en termins sändningar. Hör av er till mig om det är något ni saknar eller undrar över. Här eller på  Myspace.

Kharma club

Simon Bass – Under Lock & Key

To Rococo Rot – Cars (variant)

Felix da Housecat feat Miss Kittin – Silver Screen Shower Scene

Peaches – Set It Off

Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag

Cabaret Voltaire – Nag Nag Nag (Tiga & Zyntherius radio mix)

Goldenboy with Miss Kittin – Rippin Kittin (Ellen Allien remix)

Felix da Housecat feat Miss Kittin – Madam Hollywood

Dot Allison – Substance (Felix da Housecat remix with Miss Kittin background vocal)

Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock (Swordfish remix)

Dot AllisonWe´re only science

The Knife – Heartbeats

Depeche Mode – Puppets

Paris – Secret Mission

Fisherspooner – Turn On


Kharma chill

Portishead – Only You

Angelo Bandalamenti – Laura Palmer´s theme

Goldfrapp – Paper Bag

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man – Mysteries

Mazzy Star – Fade into you

Boards of Canada – Smokes Quantity

Blue States – Double Speak

Craig Armstrong – Finding Beauty

Lemon Jelly – Ramblin’ Man

Ulrich Schnauss – Knuddelmaus

Banx de France – Sex in a machine

Dot Allison – Wishing Stone

Alex Cortiz – I´m out of here

Kharma club

Layo & Bushwacka! – Love Story

Capoeira Twins – Loose Control

Shy FX & T-power feat. Di – Shake your body

Aphex Twin – Cock/ver 10

Le Peuple le´Herbe – Blunted

Felix da Housecat – Control Freaq

Slam feat Dot Allison – Visions (Vitalic vocal mix)

Blue States – Season Song (Rui da Silva remix)

DJ Mehdi – Breakaway (Etienne de Crecy remix)

Underworld – Two months off

Aqua Bassino – All around me

Kharma chill

Blue States – Only Today

Calm – Midnight Sun

Lemon Jelly – Space Walk

Labradford – Twenty

Bent – Kisses

Bedrock – Beautiful Strange

A reminiscent drive – Two sides to every story

Boards of Canada – Sixty Niner

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man – Sand River

Zero 7 – Polaris

Kharma club

Brian Eno – Signals

Faust – Just a second (starts like that)

Kraftwerk – Mitternacht

Can – I want more

Neu! – Isi

Neu! – Weissensee

Neu! – Super 16

Stereolab – Emperor tomato ketchup

Stereolab – The light that will cease to fail

Mogwai – A cherry wave from stranded youngsters

Stereototal – Plötzlich ist alles anders

Sterototal – I love you, Ono

Mogwai – New paths to Helicon part 1

Mogwai – Christmas song

Kharma chill

Alpha – My things

Blue States – Arion

Boards of Canada – Oirectine

Lamb – Small

Beth Gibbons – Show

Kyoto Jazz Massive feat Vanessa Freeman – The dawn introduction

Wanda Robinson – A black oriented love poem / First time I saw loneliness

Dani Siciliano – Come as you are

4 Hero feat Jill Scott – Another Day

Ursula Rucker feat U-love – What???

Thievery Corporation feat Emiliana Torrini – Until the morning

Andreas Tilliander – spår 1 från Ljud

Calm – Noon at moon


Kharma club

Audio Bullys – Snake

Audio Bullys – We don´t care (Sicilian dub)

X-press 2 feat David Byrne – Lazy

Daft Punk – Revolution 909

Audio Bullys – Plugged in

Etienne de Crecy – Am I wrong

Basement Jaxx – Where´s your head at

Audio Bullys – We don´t care

Buffalo Bunch – Buffalo Club

Audio Bullys – Hit the ceiling

Audio Bullys – Miagi

Lopez & Dr Kucho – House Park

Audio Bullys – Real Life

Kharma chill

Portishead – Cowboys (live at Roseland NYC 1997)

Massive Attack – Unfinished Symphaty

Aphex Twin – Age Ispolis

David Holmes – Lets get killed

DJ Shadow – Fixed Income

Tricky – Tricky Kid

Slick 60 – Recliner Classic

Rae & Christian feat. Pharcyde – It ain´t nothing like

Hird – Keep you hird

Hefner – Dive into you

Cedar – Transcendant Spheres

FC Kahuna – Hayling

Kharma club

Lemon Jelly – Space Walk

Puppet Masters – Stockholm City

2KHz – Bad girls go to hell

Client – Price of love

Dubstar – Stars

Le Tigre – Deceptacon (DFA mix)

The Red Egyptians – The Red Egyptians

Andreas Tilliander – Ljud, spår 6

Mont Ventoux – Valerie

The incredible shrinking man – Peculiar Times

Kharma chill

Blue States – The trainer shuffle

Lambchop – Up with people (Zero 7 mix)

Zero 7 – Out of town

Massive Attack – A prayer for England

Andreas Tilliander – från Ljud, spår fem

City – Your life

Innerzone Orchestra – Blakula

Global Goon – Afterlife

Futuresound of London – Trying to make impermanent things pemanent

Bent – Exercise 1

4 Hero – Two thesme

Sidewinder – Plain Song

Nor Elle – At close quarters

Shantel – Bass and several cars

Kharma club

Goldfrapp – Train

The Streets – The Irony of it all

Audio Bullys – Real Life

Faze action – In the trees

Aquasky – Insomniak

Carl Cox – Siberian Snowstorm

Erland Öye – Sudden Rush

Trulz & Robin – Crazy Be

Athome Projekt – The Spy

S.U.M.O. – Tawiri

Kharma chill

Craig Armstrong – Inhaler

Abraham – Back from the freak

One Dove – Sirens

Björk – Pagan Poetry

Groove Armada – Edge Hill

Amon Tobin – Searchers

Hardkandy – Big Sand (Nylon rhythm machine mix)

Shantel – Where the story ends, life begins

Photek – Lost blue heaven

Björk – Jóga

Rune Lindbaek – Söndags beste


Kharma club

Broadcast – Pendulum

FC Kahuna – Hayling (SFA Dunk! Dunk! Dunk!)

Fisherspooner – Emerge

Avenue D – Do I look like a slut?

Puppet Masters – Body Building

Audio Bullys – Face in a cloud

Agoria – Kofea

The Rapture – House of jealous lovers (Morgan Geist mix)

Artful Dodger feat Richie Dan & Sevi G – Ruff Neck sound (Basement mix)

Shut up and dance feat DJ Hype – Reclaim the streets

Clint Mansell with Kronos Quartet – Crimin’ & Dealin’ from the  soundtrack of Requim for a dream

Gadgets – Star

Spacek – Amazing

Aphrodite – Slate

Aphrodite – Twilight

Kharma club

Aphex Twin – Come to daddy (Pappy mix)

Recloose – Permutations

Metro Area – Orange Alert (DFA mix)

The Flaws feat MC Chick-A-Boo – Freek

Starcase – The bitter end

Björn Torske – Opp i ura

FC Kahuna – Microcuts

Dillinja – Transcope

Peshay – Rotation

Radioactive Man – Ave That



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